Write a brief biography for a Creative Director with whom I worked at Athleta for several years. Upon leaving, she asked for a biography that wasn't boring, dull, or trite, and captured the crux of who she is.

I wrote a long and shorter version. The long one she kept for her personal delight. The short version went live.


LINDA VEGHER is an irresistible force. Valiant and resolute she does not fall in a slight wind. Or a strong gale. Looking at her, you take in her quintessential All-American look, the one of wild mustangs and vintage Fords with tires caked in mud from the Colorado backcountry and you realize she defines wild-at-heart. This quintessence extends all the way down to her flea market serape to the Pendleton tote and the well-worn Frye boots with a hole on the bottom she just can’t get toss away. It's the craft that matters to Linda. The character and quality of things. She views the world through a lens of rugged sophistication, appreciating the grand but heralding the simple. Using her skills, she creates spellbinding displays of the impossible, creating visionary worlds from the diaphanous and fleeting words she's given. She is an undaunted by the mountainous tumult of her work. She works tirelessly, tells the truth - however blunt and on point - and then offers you the damn best Bloody Mary to make it up to you.