CannaCraft is a growing, community-oriented brand that provides medical cannabis products manufactured in Sonoma County. I was brought on as a blog contributor for their ABX Absolute Extracts line, posing as "the newbie"—a colloquial nom de plume with the goal of broadening their audience scope to include those new to the field of recreational marijuana use. The goal is to appeal to a sporty, active demographic using a punchy, witty voice and my background in trail running plus other outdoor sports.

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THE PROJECT. Write a funny post detailing how to use honey straws infused with THC for bursts of creativity or energy.

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Blog Publication - RUNNER'S HIGH

THE ASK. Write a funny post about how to properly utilize vaping as a pre-workout energy boost and, potentially, as a post-workout source of recovery.

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Blog Publication - WRITE HIGH. EDIT SOBER.

THE ASK. Write a funny post combining my personal anecdotes on the creative process as a writer, and how certain strains may contribute to idea creation.

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